Forty Culture


Before we start we all just want to clarify something. Our friends usually question if what we go at 40/40 Creative is considered work, they think it's all afternoon beers and art festivals. The thing is, we are a company with international clients, massive work loads and big deadlines. 

So now that we've got that out of the way I'd like to discuss what we did the other week, Uber Puppies!

"But you just said that you work hard and have big deadlines, how is playing with puppies all day considered work?"

Let me answer your question with another question, how many puppies do you see modelling?

"Not Many"

Exactly, so Uber and 40/40 Creative thought it was a market that needed to be tapped. Uber Puppies was an amazing campaign which not only livened up the day of many workplaces around Australia, but also raised money and awareness for an amazing cause: Pet shelters.

For those of you not familiar, Uber Puppies was a concept similar to Uber Kittens...

For those of you not fimiliar with Uber Kittens, you were able to open the Uber app and order a special Uber for a price, this special Uber would then deliver adoptable kittens to your workplace, how amazing is that!? Even better, money raised during the campaign went to help support these shelters all around Australia. 

Now imagine that, but with Puppies instead! Puppies > Kittens.

If you haven't had a change to look yet, check out the campaign video below we put out with Purina and Uber. Enjoy!