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Uber Everywhere

Let's have a chat about Taxis and Ubers. I don't want to be bias so I wrote some comparisons...


  • Overpriced
  • Smelly
  • Make you pay at the end of the ride
  • Don't like the driver? Tough shit
  • Easier to become a driver, with little ongoing regulations ensuring a lower standard service
  • Pay hundreds of thousands in fees to the Government for licensing


  • Well Priced
  • Do not smell
  • Conveniently links to your PayPal to automatically pay. Reducing need for awkwardness when you don't want to give the driver those extra dollars of change. 
  • Rate drivers to ensure great services and consistent experiences
  • Easy to become a driver, but has systems in place to ensure only the best drivers continue working for them. 
  • Don't pay stupid amounts to the Government

So let's talk about thist last point. The Queensland Government has allowed Uber over the last few years, however Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had a thought. She thought "If Uber keeps being successful we aren't going to get those big juicy fees the cabbies pay us, so lets make Uber illegal now" - She then hopped on her dinosaur and rode down to Blockbuster so she could rent a laserdisc. 

"Guess we are going to have to go back to cabs" said no one. 

"But Uber is illegal now, we have to"

No we don't, because we have had a taste of the future, and that futures tastes like mints, bottled water, and a great conversation with Linda whose eldest son went to the same school as you and you realise that Linda and your mum know each-other from PTA meetings.

The best conversation I've had consisted of  20 minutes of "No, that's not the right way... where are we?... just let me out here please"

So as Queenslanders we said, "Don't take our Ubers!" and signed a petition that was emailed to Ms. Palaszczuk. The problem with email though is that they are a semi recent technology that scared the Premier. So she blocked them. Or, in a more believable situation, she called her IT support whole blocked them for her. How did her IT support get to work that day? Probably an Uber, because it's a recent technology that benefits everyone involved. 

So what did we do? Our voices needed to be heard but we couldn't get the message across. 

We printed them, we had to waste paper because SOMEONE whose last name rhymes with "Horse and Hay" didn't want to read our emails. No shit, they were actually all printed. Look how many letters. Like 15,000. It was like a snow-globe of angst and frustration. 

But for the icing on the cake we thought we would deliver them by horse and carriage. Why would you do that? you may ask... Because why the fuck not?

P.S We filmed it too, have a squiz.