Forty Culture

TBK in the USA!

Our Head Designer, Brandon Els aka TBK, has just returned home from a 4 week stint in the States. Read on to live vicariously through his holiday...

We spent just over 3 weeks in the states: 6 nights in NYC, 8 nights in the Bahamas on a cruise, 4 nights in Vegas and 4 nights in LA. Here are the highlights & lowlights of our trip:


H - Stumptown coffee (W. 29th) and cruising on bikes through central park. I bought a mad 24" Ghostbusters stay puff toy and also some rad comic books. I also hit Macy's for the first time. 

L - It took us 30 hours to get there, thanks to a delayed flight from L.A to NYC. Too many performers and local rappers also swamped us on the street for money. The only public toilets were in Starbucks, which came complete with 40 minute wait lines.

Hotel - We stayed 3 nights at the Intercontinental on 27th and 3 nights at Chambers on 5th Ave (can't believe how much it cost to stay there!)


H - Epic blue waters, unlimited food and Rhianna's hometown. Good comedy shows on board!

L - Lots of burnt skin and way too many overly obese people. There was also way too much 80s country music on board, although my girlfriend was stoked about this. 

Hotel (ship) - Carnival Cruises.


H - Vegas was ALL good. There was so much crazy over-the-top signage which is a designers dreamland. We also saw plenty of ballin' high rollers as it was memorial weekend, so all the high rollers were in town. If that wasn't enough, we also got to shoot guns (AUG, MP5, TOMMY GUN and more). 

L - Lost way too much money. 

Hotel - Stayed at Aria.


H - Venice Beach was epic. We got to see the famous Venice Skatepark, Santa Monica pier and Muscle beach. I bought more comic books, and Universal Studios, Hollywood, was sick. We had our own private driver at our hotel too, so we were ballin' around in a new escalade. 

L - LA was bigger than we expected and the traffic is NOT an exaggeration, so it was tough to get around to some of the nicer beaches.

Hotel - Stayed at Mr C in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive.