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Randy Mother F*&%^N Jackson

Get this, we were going through our enquiry emails and find an email from Los Angeles. We thought that was pretty cool, but then we read that it was from Randy Jackson's management team in LA, then to be honest, we called bullshit. But we were curious, so we organised a Skype.

So it ended up being legit. Randy Jackson signed talent Jackson Guthy, an amazing young talent who formed a band North of Nine, and they needed their branding done, as well as album and single artwork. So immediately this was an awesome project. However, before you ask, he didn't sign my Samurai Sword...

From listening to the pre released album to late night phone calls to organise last minute deadlines with iTunes, this project had it all.

Have a listen dawg - Soundcloud

We even got quite a bit of publicity, like in this Business News Australia article. 

P.S I hid my initials in the album cover (look above the A in "applause" on the left).

AG xoxo