Forty Culture

New Website Alert!

One of the largest projects that we have worked on (ever), happened to be our own. Consuming roughly 3000 man hours, multiple photo shoots, a few hundred Red Bull's, and countless 2am finishes, the 40/40 website is finally to the point that we are happy with it. No doubt there is still a lot more work ahead, but we're happy to now show it to the public. The entire website was both designed and developed from scratch.

The new website plays a large role for the future of our company, and shows a lot about who we are as people, and the culture that we endulge in. Being an agency that was only started in 2012, we are still very new to the market. We really haven't had the chance to show our true colours, nor the direction we plan on taking the agency. We believe that our new website is the first step in the right direction, and we look forward to partnering up with more like minded industry over the years to come. 

40/40 is an agency made up of talented visionaires, designers, artists, photographers and culture lovers.